"The blood of the dragon does not weep," she said testily.

Wolves never cry, she reminded herself again.

#these two actually have more in common then people realize #they were orphaned and homeless and on the run from a young age #they love thinking of themselves as their respected sigils #associated with the smallfolk #theyre proud and unforgiving #and vengeful #they both lose their hair in agot and adwd #they like sailors #and the nymeria/drogon parallels tbh #feral bb killers #i just cant wait for them to meet #danys not going to hurt arya bc shes a stark shut up #and arya’s going to love the dragons #THIS HOLY STARK/TARG ALLIANCE IS COMING FOR WESTEROS AND ALL YOUR FAVES   


all the ladies meme | younger girl 

Arya Stark

❝Anyone can be killed.❞

❝ No, Harry!” Hermione gasped in a petrified whisper; Ron, however, spoke to Black.
  ”If you want to kill Harry, you’ll have to kill us too!” he said fiercely, though the effort of standing upright was draining him of still more color, and he swayed slightly as he spoke.
  Something flickered in Black’s shadowed eyes.
  ”Lie down,” he said quietly to Ron. “You will damage that leg even more.”
  ”Did you hear me?” Ron said weakly, though he was clinging painfully to Harry to stay upright. “You’ll have to kill all three of us! ❞
—   Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, or That One Time Fourteen Year Old Ron Weasley Stood On His Broken Leg To Tell A Convicted Murderer He Would Go Down Fighting For His Best Friend’s Life. (via ronweasley#SOMETHING FLICKERED IN BLACK’S SHADOWED EYES #YOU KNOW WHAT THAT WAS?#THE KNOWLEDGE THAT SIRIUS WOULD HAVE SAID THE SAME FOR JAMES AND VICE VERSA #AND THAT HARRY HAD FOUND EQUALLY LOYAL FRIENDS AS HE HAD IN JAMES AND REMUS #I will fling myself from a cliff (via dearprongs)   —


mrs and mr mori-becket (or mako and raleigh acting like overgrown children)

„I am not a lady, I am a wolf.”

„I am Cersei of House Lannister, a lion of the Rock.”

„Fire cannot kill a dragon.”


The Book Thief ~ Redesigned

The roller coaster of emotions I had to endure in this book left me speechless. As soon as I’m done reading it, I was so devastated and amazed and I just stared blankly into space for as long as I can remember, trying to sink everything in. I was really afraid to do a cover for it because the novel is so beautifully told that doing a simple cover might not give it justice. But I have loved it so much that designing this is [hopefully] worth the risk.
Long story short, the book is phenomenal. Read it, if you still haven’t.

Doctor Who + Colors Abound